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Ghassan Saliba

الأحد 28 تموز 2019 | 09:00 م
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 فقرا كفردبيان
 Hall GS
 فقرا, لبنان
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26 تموز | 09:00 م
فقرا كفردبيان
02 آب | 09:00 م
فقرا كفردبيان
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الأحد شباط 24,2019 | ?????? ???
For over 20 years, the HOT 8 Brass Band has been the most popular and visible funk-style brass bands in community parades.
The Hot 8’s funk style is a blend of influences from the Dirty Dozen and Rebirth, with more elements of contemporary r&b, rap, and its local variation, “bounce.” 
Their unique sound is recognizable between thousands when they perform their original compositions or in their famous covers of Marvin Gaye (Sexual Healing) or Joy Division (Love will tear us apart) and many others... 
After performing in USA main stages and Festivals, The HOT 8 Brass Band "party-show" gained popularity abroad and led the Grammy Nominated Artist to open for popular r&b singer Lauren Hill for the past six months.
At MusicHall The HOT 8 Brass Band will perform all their best hits and make you dance like you never did.
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