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Al Shallal Entertainment Park

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Al Shallal Entertainment Park
05:00 PM | From 5PM till 2AM
05:00 PM | From 5PM till 2AM
Al Shallal Theme Park
Event Overview
From 05:00PM till 01:00 AM
AlShallal Theme Park an ideal location on Jeddah Cornish. Per year they have around 1Million visitors. They went into a major transformation over the past few years, with the aim to becoming “The best Amusement Park in KSA. ”
AlShallal, is an ideal location for the family to enjoy themselves, be it on the thrill rides of the Sling Shot
Soaring falcon zip line
The Roller Coaster
Virtual reality games
having a fun skate on the ice rink
Taking a boat ride around the lake
They can also enjoy a dinner in our themed Chinese and Lebanese restaurants
Ticket validity one month from the purchase date
Tickets will be considered non-refundable after two weeks from purchase date.
at Al Shallal Theme Park   Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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