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03 Aug 2017
Alissar Khoury, known as Elissa is an Arab music star from Lebanon. Elissa was born on 27 October 1972 in Deir Ahmar in the Bekaa region of Lebanon. Elissa launched her career in 1998 with a breakthrough hit "Baddi Doub".

Elissa the artist within 3 years, could reach after “Badi Doub” song that is still repeated on youth’s lips, to the duet with Ragheb Alameh “Betghib Bet Rouh”, and after performing along the international artist “Sting”, Elissa cherity concert attended by ex-amenican president “Bill Clinton”, queen “Rania”, and successor of UAE Kingdom , “Sheikh Mohamad Bin Rached Al Maktoum”, today Elissa is scoring another new goal in the international scene along with “Ghris Deburgh” an Arabic-english song titted “Lebanese Nights”, which was written, composed and distributed by Deburgh himself. He envisioned writing this song while being in Lebanon on his last visit in a Lebanese restaurant. He decided to sing it with a Lebanese singer, the choice fell on Elissa.

This song is produced by “Chris Porter”, a big artist producer such as “George Micheal”, and it has been recorded in his studio in Salisburg, London . It will be relaxed in Deburgh’s album in August 2002.

Elissa is a Lebanese singer. Elissa’s one of those rising new stars who are ahead of her generation, though Elissa has released only two albums, Elissa’s a star. Her start was big. Her first album (Baddi Doub) was released in 1998. It was one of the largest selling Album in Lebanon and the Middle East. Elissa sold over 100.000 copies Cd’s and Mc’s combined. Elissa performed the big hit (Baddi Doub) with a very well known French Artist (Gerard Ferrer) and was supported by a video clip filmed in black and white, and it’s still on high rotation on most Tv’s in the Middle East.
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