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Michel Fadel
17 Nov 2017
Well renowned for his extraordinary musical talents, Michel Fadel has made an indisputable name for himself in the music world. 

Born into a family of artists, at the age of 8 he won the first prize in the youth Competition at the University of St Esprit at Kaslik. From there his hobby went on to take a whole new form.
Michel obtained his masters degree in classical piano at the Higher National Conservatory of Beirut and graduated with excellence.
His passion for music enticed him to follow it to France where he studied composition and orchestration at the Bologna Conservatory.

He went on to becoming the main pianist for Fairuz, Majida El Roumy & Julia Boutros.

in addition to working with many renowned artists in the music industry such as, Assala, Wael Kfoury, Nabil Choueil, Elissa,
Saber El Rebaii, Hussein El Jasmi etc…

In 2000, he made his way to Hollywood and participated in the World Championship of Performing Arts as an instrumental composer.
He won the first Prize under his category: Grand Champion Instrumentalist of the Year 2000.

In 2004, he joined the tutors’ team of Star Academy, a show produced by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation-LBC.

Michel Fadel’s indisputable talent and allure for music made him one of the finest pianist & musical arrangers in the region.

Recently Michel was assigned as the musical coach for “Bokra”, Arabian opera composed by Quincy Jones and written by Majida El Roumy.
On 11.11.11, Michel and his band performed live with 6 artists at the launching of Bokra, at the Palm, Dubai, in the presence of Quincy Jones, Badr Ben Jaafar, the famous entrepreneur, as well as famous artists and actors and public figures from the Arab world. 

Lately Michel has also composed and arranged the Official Anthem for the Arab Olympic Games, Qatar, Assala will be performing his piece Live at the opening ceremony on December the 9th, 2011.

December 2012, Michel Fadel accompanied Lady Fairuz in 5 consecutive concerts at Platea, Lebanon.

Weeks after in the same location, he accompanied Julia Boutros as well.
Julia launched her new album entitled “ yawman ma”, a new hit for her, all composed by Ziad Boutros and arranged by Michel Fadel. On stage, he accompanied 90 musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague.
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Michel Fadel Michel Fadel
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