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16 Apr 2014 00:00

Jounieh Will Be On Fire This Summer!!


Jounieh International Festival in the past three years was not normal , but formed the focus of attracting Lebanese and a magnet for foreign tourists and Arabs. Killed by the remarkable success of the festivals to put on the tourist map of Jounieh , due for its International Concerts , and reviews of carnival activities and promising.

Yesterday , organizers of Jounieh International Festival announced during a press conference for the festival program for this summer and they promised of events and activities such as concerts , performances and passing games, and access to reviews of carnival sponsor by giving happiness to the hearts of everyone .

Preparations have been completed for this season , in order to view a leader , offers a diverse and unique this year and through a bunch of concerts and activities that will make the summer 2014 season unforgettable .

The non-governmental assembly Organizes the festival and its not -for-profit , " Filipolas " and it means " Friends City" for its founder grace Afram , where he presented Fadi Fayad , director of the festival committee a detailed presentation of the program , which begins on Friday, June 27 with the annual event " torch " and includes an offer rare and unique fireworks which attracts thousands each year along the Bay of Jounieh in the celebration of light fascinates eyes , as in the imaging , followed by matches between amateur and experienced , gather them in addition to talent , the joy of coverage magnificence of this breathtaking event a snap

As usual vows Festival Jounieh satisfying music lovers of different tastes , it combines originality and Lebanese View Francophone and American rock and young talent !

Technical program

At the opening evening, on Wednesday night July 2, 2014 , will fill the great melodies Maestro Elias Rahbani ,  Fouad Chehab  Stadium, and lend warmth and revives nostalgia in the hearts of the audience , who admired his music , which has become an integral part of Lebanese heritage .

Thursday night, July 3, 2014 , will ignite the voice of French actress global "ZAZ" atmosphere complex Fouad Chehab , where months would lead her songs such as "Je veux" and "On ira", to provide the words and music and the energy of this young artist her fans enthusiasm and elation renewable .

Given the harvested American rock group , "Imagine Dragons", the success of each of the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony and the American Music Awards (AMA), a private station in Jounieh within his world tour ahead . On the night of Monday July 7 will compound Fouad Chehab 's largest and the biggest concert "Rock" for the summer of this year .

It concludes with the festival in the evening singing , receives during festivals Jounieh band The Voice in its third season , and on Thursday, July 10, 2014 , while Sastal complex Fouad Chehab beautiful and fresher eight votes of the Global Programme The Voice in the edition of the French , and who chose Jounieh extraordinary to revive his concert only outside France .

Green Day

After the positive resonances for the day environmental festival renews it relates to the nature of this year through the dedication day green par excellence , which prohibits cars roaming around the city and interspersed with activities for the entire family , will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 0.5 and July 6, 2014 .

It also announced the festival committee 's activities and reviews of carnival and parades and presentations , and on various occasions and free enjoyment of all ages and highlights the most prominent features of this beautiful city and its bay magnificent Mount Lady of Lebanon - Harissa , and will give residents a chance to re- explore their area , and allows visitors to identify the city, and on Friday July 4, 2014 .

During the press conference , the President of the Municipal Council of the city of Jounieh Antoine Frem to " The festivals Jounieh International has received a great success and scintillating in the past three years , but this success may develop without the city of Jounieh on the tourist map of Lebanon . Having been Festivals Jounieh International has hosted prominent names and Lebanese artists and international senior , Here are receiving this year also names in the world of art and the Lebanese . "

For his part , drew a blessing Afram head Industrialists Association to " that for the fourth year in a row , launches PHELLIPOLIS" Friends of the City " in collaboration with the Municipal Council in Jounieh Jounieh International Festival , the dawn of the summer distinctive Tkllah Nightlife joy indelible ."

He said: " If we turned for the past years together in creative presentations elevated to the global level , we promise this season in addition , Bljal return to the pulse of hearts to love , and the warmth of the veins to the pomp and the will to live." He continued: " As seen the three years ago, the festival organizers will rise to the level of ambition and even dreams , through the elegance of the organization and professionalism in management and magnificence and magic in presentations and nostalgic love songs , and the glory ."

Opens Jounieh festivals that rise to the highest levels of the organization where or what is embraced by a global technical program , not to mention the recreational activities that are grown in the region of joy .

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