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Teddy Laine
30 Mar 2012
Teddy Laine - My real name is Theodore Roosevelt Lane, Jr., but I only answer to "Teddy". It's what my loved ones call me. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle one of three children. It was just the four of us: my wonderful mother, loving older sister, caring younger brother, and me. It was so hot in Phoenix, we'd go swimming 3 or 4 times a week.

At the age of four, I found myself in Oakland, California, growing and attending St. Anthony's Elementary. It seems I was always involved in projects that required performing like Traffic Guard, Student Government, and Talent Shows. What a ham I was! My sister says I am getting paid now for what I used to do then. I guess sketching was my quiet escape. I also loved basketball, and gradually learned about football in high school.

I received a lot of my early acting experience from life, and from St. Mary's High School in Berkeley, CA. I performed in a few plays, sang in the choir, and once again, was in another talent show. Except, this time, I played one of the Vanity 6 Girls. Yep, it was fun, but it wasn't pretty.

After graduating, I attended college for 4 reasons: Football, Art, Drama, and Good Times. Now I'm not recommending this at all. I received a football scholarship, but my interest turned more toward acting. I started taking more classes, and doing more plays. We performed "A Solder's Story". I played C.J. Memphis. That role made me discover that the only limits that I have, are the ones I set on myself. I discovered so many things about me through that character.

Then I set my strategy for L.A. agents. I got one good response, out of at least 70 submissions. I'm a very persistent and determined person. I've been residing in L.A. since August '93, and found there is a lot of opportunity here. I'm with my 5th agency now. I know that God blessed us with each other. They believe in me almost as much as I believe in myself. That is a wonderful combination.

I enjoy and relish auditioning. Anything you enjoy, and put your heart into, you do much better. Dustin Hoffman said, "We are professional auditioners. Read the sides as if you have the part already."

If God chooses to bless you with the role, that's gravy...frosting on the cake. I believe getting the part is not up to us, but doing a read that is very real is. Spencer Tracy said, "The hardest thing about acting is not acting." In other words, be real, don't act.

I'm learning. My journey is more important than my destination. Shortly after arriving in L.A., I found a graveyard shift security job at an all night deli. After 4 or 5 years there, and booking some commercials, as well as a recurring soap opera role, I quit the all night security job, and stepped out by faith.

My God has always provided for me with more and more each year. He is so true to his word.

If you want to know more about some of my favorite movies, food, dishes, etc., please go to the miscellaneous section of my website.

Thanks again for logging onto my site. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, do your homework, stay focused, and never ever give up!
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