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15 Mar 2013 00:00
ticketing boxoffice Is Justin Bieber's bizarre behavior a sign of something more?
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Just three years ago, Justin Bieber, barely sixteen and flanked by a small personal posse demurely watched Liza Minnelli perform at Perez Hilton's 32nd birthday bash in Hollywood, nodding shyly and going almost unnoticed, with the exception of a few fans who sauntered over to commend the still emerging star on his recent successes.

But even then, autographs and photos were strictly "off limits" inside the bash as per his super-sized security guard, as the little boy-like singer hid behind his long bangs, eyes twinkling.

Now fast forward to 2013, and Bieber, 19, is the world's ultimate pop prince exhibiting an onslaught bad behavior and prompting questions of whether he has reached his peak.

The Biebs ended up in the hospital that night, which was all made oh-so-official when he tweeted out a (shirtless, naturally) photograph of himself in a hospital bed.
And New York-based publicist Elissa Buchter said his hospital visit reminded her of another young Hollywood troublemaker.
"When a star has to leave the stage after passing out, and ends up in hospital it is a clear indication that something is wrong. His recent 'health scare' is reminiscent of a young Lindsay Lohan who was constantly plagued by bouts of alleged 'exhaustion' early on," she said.
But Bieber apparently isn't too happy to be compared to LiLo. On Thursday, he ranted on Instagram about his rocky relationship with the press, taking a jab at Lohan.
In the sentence, now deleted from the post, Bieber wrote "to those comparing me to Lindsey [sic] Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements."
Bieber boasted in the rant that he has had five number one albums-- all before turning 20.
Still, like Lohan, Bieber has been getting press attention lately for all the wrong reasons.

After a recent performance in Birmingham, Bieber returned to his London hotel in the early hours, braving the almost-freezing winter temperatures to stride from his car to his room sans a shirt.

That one even caught the attention of actress Olivia Wilde.

"Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on," she tweeted. "Unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt."

So what is really going on here? Is the Biebs dangerously unraveling before our eyes?

"Justin Bieber's toxic behavior is the result of too much too soon. Although he is in a very adult world, he has been granted unlimited access to anything he wants and is surrounded by ‘yes men’ who validate his behavior," Buchter said
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