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17 Apr 2014 00:00
ticketing boxoffice The Ten Most Photographed Places in Lebanon
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Boasting natural resources and unnatural beauties, Beirut is definitely the Middle East’s capital of the over-photographed. From tourists to teens, everyone is vying to get the perfect shot of these top ten spots for their Instagram portfolio. How else can they justify all those selfies?

1. Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

Housing some of the world’s best preserved Roman ruins, Baalbek is a hotbed for tourists aiming to catch the coolest Lebanese picture of them all. A trip here is a necessary part of any vacation to the Middle East.

2. The Pigeons’ Grotto, Beirut

The Raouche rocks have been a staple of Beirut’s coast as long as Abo El Abed has been the butt of Beirutis’ jokes. It's a natural wonder and beautiful addition to the glittering waters of the Mediterranean.

3. Jeita Grotto, Jeita

One of the finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition, the Jeita Grotto offers the experience of a lifetime and leaves all who visit it in awe. Composed of two main caves that span nine kilometers, the Grotto is a national symbol and a source of pride for all Lebanese, almost as if they carved it out with their own hands.

4. Faraya Slopes, Faraya

Following the Insta-cliché that nothing happens until you take a selfie there, most Lebanese announce the true beginning of winter with a flurry of photos taken on the slopes of Faraya. The powdery slopes offer great skiing, breathtaking views, and resorts that’ll give the Swiss Alps a run for their money.

5. Saida Sea Castle, Saida

A little ways south in Saida, you’ll find a sea castle built by the Crusaders in the 13th century and hawked by Saida’s guides since then. It's pretty well preserved, and a great place to use and abuse that #King hashtag that the Lebanese are so intent on making a thing.

6. Place de l'Étoile Clock Tower, Beirut

Yes, it is a Rolex. And no we can’t afford it. Yet, in true Lebanese fashion the crown jewel of the glittering downtown area is the Nejme clock tower. It functions as a sort of guide for tourists ("meet me under the clock tower") and has been reduced to a nice way to tell the time for locals.

7. Batroun’s Beach Resorts, Batroun

Basically, this is the spot where everyone who’s anyone will be spending their summer. The summer equivalent to the Faraya slopes pic, make sure to include your drink, the people, and the shimmering blue Mediterranean in the background.

8. Beirut From The Sky, Skies Above Beirut

This is your way of announcing your arrival to the Paris of the Middle East, and no you’re not being creative. Just about every person flying in to the capital takes this shot. And you should too, you’re finally home.

9. Cedars, Lebanon

Nothing says Lebanon like a photo of the world-renowned Cedars, so make sure you skip the filters and enjoy the view before you have to head back to the black and white metropolis. A two-for-one is Cedars dusted with winter snow.

10. Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque & St. George Cathedral, Beirut

A second entry from downtown Beirut, but one more poignant, is the unique shot of the Al-Amin Mosque neighboring the Saint George Cathedral. The side by side religious structures represent a utopian hope that one day we can all just coexist in Lebanon and enjoy the Land of the Cedars.

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