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14 Feb 2014 00:00
ticketing boxoffice Top 10 (Worst) Gifts You Should Not Give Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend On Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day is fast approaching. It is the day when you must express your love and affection to your loved-one. What better way is there to express your feelings than giving a token of love or gift that will be cherished forever.

Gift-buying could be a tricky business. A well thought gift will be relished and appreciated forever. A gift brought for the heck of it could ruin your relationship. Here are top 10 gifts that you should not give during Valentine's Day:

Top 10 Worst Gift Ideas On Valentine's Day

1. Gift Vouchers from the Nearby Mall: A gift voucher may sound like a good idea but never to the one who receives it. It simply displays lack of motivation and enthusiasm in the relationship. It's the worst gift ever that you can give someone you claim to love and care about especially on the day of love.

2. Gym Membership or Exercising Equipment: Everyone likes a gift that shows concern and care. Also, many people want to remain fit. Nonetheless, no one likes to be told that. So avoid sending out any such messages which may end up in making them feel inadequate and cause self-image issues.

3. Framed or Enlarged Picture of You: A picture of you two, from a memorable date may still be appreciated by your valentine. But a picture of you may seem like a creepy, obsessive idea. So do not give a picture of you framed in a beautiful photoframe on Valentine's Day.

4. Nothing: Valentine's Day is one of the most commercial occasions of the year. But secretly everyone wishes to receive a gift or two. So don't disappoint them and go ahead and indulge in some shopping for them. Because you are not sure what to buy does not mean that you buy nothing at all. Pick on those simple cues from your conversations and instead give them something that they need and have been meaning to buy for a long time.

5. Stuff Toys or Teddy Bear: How do these things express your love for your valentine? It is a no-no for a boy for sure. Also, a grown up woman does not want to be reminded of her childhood days by her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Instead she would appreciate something more romantic that will make her feel like a beautiful woman.

6. Cheap Jewelry: Women love bling and sparkles but not cheap sparkles. Cheap jewelry may sound like a sweet option to you, but anything that may look tacky on her will not be worn ever. Instead will be stashed away in deep corners of her closet. Also, women are often interested in figuring the taste of their men. A piece of jewelry that you pick as a gift will speak volumes about your taste and choice.

7. A Dinner Date at Crowded Restaurant: Restaurants are flooding with people on Valentine's Day. So avoid taking him or her on a date in an overly crowded restaurant. Also, skip famous fastfood joints which are usually crowded. If you are looking out for some budget friendly option then plan a romantic dinner at your place and spend some quality alone time together.

8. Porn Movies or Cheap Lingerie: Valentine's Day is a day of love which may end up in some passionate making out session while expressing your love for one another. But a gift of porn movies or cheap lingerie to your girlfriend may send out wrong message which may not be received well or kill your relationship forever.

9. Grooming or Home Appliances: You may risk your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend by giving them signs that you think that they are required to pay more attention to themselves or their house. No one wants to be told that especially on Valentine's Day.

10. A Break Up: The worst gift to give to anyone on the national day of love is a break up. When they might be hoping to hear "I love you" telling them that "It's over" would be the cruelest thing to do. If you really want to split, do it some other day but not on Valentine's Day.
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