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25 Sep 2013 00:00
ticketing boxoffice Kanye West: Kim Kardashian "Gave Me Everything"
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During his hour-long sit-down interview with BBC Radio 1 personality Zane Lowe, in which 'Ye called himself "the No. 1 rock star on the planet," the new father also opened up about his relationship with E! star, and he couldn't help but gush over the 32-year-old beauty, with whom he welcomed his first child, daughter North West, in June. "It's like family time. That's what Kim gave me," the rapper gushed. "She gave me everything, she gave me family, she gave me a support system."

What's more, West says Kim didn't have any monetary motives when it came to coupling up with the super star.
"She was in a powerful enough situation where she could love me without asking me for money, which is really hard for me to find," the 36-year-old performer admitted.
Kanye also aired his grievances over the pesky paps, insisting he's going to change the paparazzi laws for the benefit of his 3-month-old daughter Nori. West is currently being sued by a paparazzo following an alleged airport attack, and on Monday, he filed a response, claiming he acted in self-defense.

"I'm going to tell my daughter, by the time she understands what it was, 'Man, me and your mother were in a completely different situation than you're in,'" he explained. "People could take pictures, people could climb over your fence, and you wouldn't even get paid for it. You see all these checks that you getting at age 6 because people are taking your picture?...I made that happen, Nori. That's what I'm going to tell her."

"For me as a dad, I'm supposed to be this musical genius and everything, but I can't work the car seat very well," the rapper admitted. "So I think, OK, what if I'm not working the car seat and let's add on top of that 20 grown men screaming at me in front of my child…and then taking photos and then putting it on 20 media outlets. And 20 million Americans screaming at me saying, 'You don't know, you're supposed to be a genius working a car seat, and I'm in a cold sweat…but if you think you got enough things to deal with as a new parent and you add that layer on top of it, it becomes really intense."

Despite the pressure, West won't let the shutterbugs stop him from spending quality time with his family, as both Kim and Nori will join the rapper on tour while he promotes his album Yeezus. 
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