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09 Jan 2016 18:00
ticketing boxoffice Niall Horan’s Claims Justin Bieber’s One Direction Diss Is Because Of Selena Gomez
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Was Justin Bieber’s diss of One Direction actually just directed towards Niall Horan? A source reveals that the 1D band member is convinced that Bieber just made those comments to get back at him for going on dates with Selena Gomez. We always knew Justin was the jealous type!

After Justin Bieber, 21, said that he’s famous for his musical talent, which is far better than being “put together on X Factor” on Jan. 6, the One Direction members haven’t been too thrilled with Biebs —especially Niall Horan! He’s taking the jab personally and isn’t taking Justin’s unnecessary comments about the boy band.

“Niall is certain that Justin’s comments about One Direction are aimed at him,” a source shares.

“He thinks Justin is taking a jab at him because of Selena. Neither of them have spoken since the American Music Awards. Niall has respected Selena’s wishes for him not to engage in any communication with Justin.”

Justin shared on The Bert Show, “I think people understand and know I was found on YouTube for my talent and not put together on X-Factor or something like that,” he told the host, before trying to explain that he didn’t mean anything by it.

Needless to say, Niall was less than pleased with Bieber’s comments, and thought it was complete “rubbish” that he took a shot at them randomly and publicly like that.

“Niall thinks it’s funny what Justin said because when their respective albums were being released on the same day, Justin felt so threatened that 1D would surpass his sales,” our source added. “If Justin thought One Direction had no talent then why did he make such a big deal about it in the first place?”

Still, while the guys are annoyed by the comments, they’re doing their best to take the high road. Our source explains, “Harry isn’t bothered by it and neither is Louis as they don’t think about Justin Bieber whatsoever throughout their day. They all know what he said and think its nonsense and are certain they will be asked about it eventually. It is just an unfortunate thing to have to worry about so they are trying to let it pass but they do think it was pretty stupid of him to say that.”

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