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30 Nov 2015 18:00
ticketing boxoffice Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunited 8 Times
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Even though Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber officially broke up at the end of 2012, we’ve seen them together many times since then. These two can’t seem to get out of each other’s lives. The on-off lovers deny any romantic involvement, but they have reunited many times since ending things.

Justin’s ‘My Girl’ serenade

Subsequent to talking finally around each other in late meetings, Selena and Justin rejoined on November 20 at one of their fave spots, Montage Beverly Hills. A fan recorded Justin serenading Selena mind hthe sentimental melody "My Girl" at the inn bar. They were additionally gotten moderate moving, kissing, and holding hands that night.

A romantic getaway

The on-off couple appeared to be getting back together in 2014 in light of the fact that they were spotted out on various dates amid the mid-year and fall. Most stunning was that for one of these reunions, Selena and Justin went on a sentimental get-away to St. Martin in late September of that year.

A sexy dance studio date

Selena and Justin were gotten on another sentimental date in 2014, this time in Texas where they were getting to know one another. They were shot separating it in a hot two-hour move session at Action Dance Studio.

Reunited at church

Justin and Selena were spotted together at Hillsong Church various times. Most stunning was in May 2015 on the grounds that it had been a couple of months since they were last spotted together. They attempted to be relaxed about their congregation date however observers at Hillsong reported seeing the couple and there were likewise Snapchat recordings of them together, posted by their minister.

Coachella Together

Both Justin and Selena went to the 2014 Coachella Music Festival.Even however they said they were split up, they really wanted to get to know each other. Justin gave an amazement execution at the celebration, while Selena ran with her then-BFFs Kendall and Kylie Jenner and watched her man perform from side stage.

The sexy summer pool party

Justin and Selena went to the Montage Beverly Hills over the summer for a reunion as well. The on-off couple were photographed together at the hotel’s pool and Selena may have even been sitting on Justin’s lap. Justin and Selena were in a private cabana all day with some of their friends.

Break up and make up

They appeared to have restored their relationship not long after they first separated in November 2012. Alongside Taylor Swift and afterward sweetheart Harry Styles, Justin and Selena went to Utah for skiing in mid-December of that year. They were spotted getting cuddly at the air terminal, so fans thought they had revived their relationship. Unfortunately, by January 2013 things were back off.

A cute movie date

In August 2014 things appeared to be warming up between the on-off couple in light of the fact that they were spotted on a sentimental motion picture date. Justin even posted (yet immediately erased) a charming photograph of Selena kissing his cheek at the theater. In spite of the fact that they attempted to stay in secret, the pair was seen holding hands as they cleared out the theater.

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