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03 Apr 2015 17:00
ticketing boxoffice Julia Roberts and Husband Danny Moder in Divorce Counseling after Nicole Kidman Feud?
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For months it's been rumored in the tabloids that Julia Roberts' marriage to husband, Danny Moder, is in desperate shape -- careening right for divorce. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Pretty Woman refuses to even consider splitting her reported $250 million net worth and has order the cameraman into marriage counseling as a last ditch effort to get things back on track. Word has it in the meantime, Roberts has been taking out her frustrations on the Secret in Their Eyes, costar, Nicole Kidman. Reports from the set supposedly have the middle-aged divas passive aggressively duking it out for dominance.

Julia Roberts may have had a lot going on lately with the passing of her sister Nancy followed several months later by the tragic death of her mother, Betty Lou, but once the starlet reportedly realized that there might be a distance growing between her and her husband, Dany Moder, she is said to have taken action.

A source close to the couple told the National Enquirer that while there was no truth to rumors they were unhappy, Julia thought it might be smart to head off any problems before they snowballed into something less-managable: "The marriage is not in trouble.

"They don't want that spark between them to fade, and the counseling sessions are more of an intentional meeting so they don't grow apart.

"Now they have a committed time and day where they show up at their therapist's office and talk. It's often the only time all week that they're together alone." Word has it that the weekly decompression is doing very little to ease Roberts onset tensions with The Secret in Their Eyes costar, Nicole Kidman. A behind-the-scenes production source claims in the April 6, issue of the Enquirer that Roberts just can't stand the way that Tom Cruise's ex-wife carries herself around the rest of the crew: "Julia hates the way Nicole treats the crew.

"She acts like they're servants, and doesn't talk to them -- except to issue commands -- while Julia know knows everybody by their first names and makes a point of being friendly." According to the informant things almost came to a head when an irate Roberts decided that she was going to teach the Aussie a lesson in manners: "Trouble erupted when Julia heard Nicole ignored signing a card passed around for a makeup lady having a birthday! "Totally ticked, she got Kangaroo Gal GOOD!

"Ordering a huge birthday cake delivered right outside Nicole's trailer, Julia led cast can crew in a super-loud sing-along of 'Happy Birthday' -- right under [Nicole's] window."

Eww girl...no wonder those scientologists kicked you out of their cult.
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