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03 Feb 2015 11:19
ticketing boxoffice 9 Hottest Celebs of Instagram!
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Instagram has become the hub of selfies, shots of food and fashion and quotes with pretty backgrounds. But when it comes to these hot celebs it can become a delightful dish of eye candy that is constantly being refilled. If you want to see some of the hottest male and female celebs of Instagram then you need to look no further than this list. We’ve made sure that you’ll get plenty of great shots of your favorite celebs as well as candid looks into their lives if you choose to follow them on Instagram.

1. Kellan Lutz


Kellan Lutz is definitely more than just a set of fangs and his Instagram account proves it. With smoldering hot photos from his fashion shoots to adorable pictures of him with animals, Kellan Lutz is someone you should be following. But if we’re being honest it’s that one of a kind smile that places him on the list of hottest celebs on Instagram.

2. Taylor Swift


This country cutie has definitely blossomed since starting out on the scene as a very talented young singer. Taylor Swift shows just how much she has grown up and how much she is still her own unique self through her Instagram. It is not only her looks that places her as one of the hottest celebs on Instagram but her personality as well. After all how many celebs do you know post pictures of themselves in Pegacorn costumes?

3. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba has been known as one sexy woman who can kick butt after playing both a superhero and a genetically enhanced super soldier. But now as one of the hottest celebs on Instagram you can see just who she is. Jessica Alba fills her Instagram with her personal life and what’s actually happening and not just a series of random quotes.

4. Channing Tatum


If you didn’t see Magic Mike, we’re sorry you missed something wonderful. If you watched it with the sound on, we’re sorry you had to sit through that. The fact that Magic Mike was a terrible movie that made money just because everyone wanted to see Channing Tatum’s abs, is why he’s one of the hottest celebs on Instagram. Don’t worry, there is more than enough silent eye candy for you to feast upon.

5. Shay Mitchell


This Canadian actress and model gives whole new meaning to the phrase “beautiful inside and out”. She is best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars but her Instagram tells a very different story with her efforts to help others and her outdoorsy spirit. She’s one of the hottest celebs on Instagram not only for her beautiful looks but her charity work with organizations like the Somaly Mam Foundation.

6. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is yet another child star that has grown up to become a very beautiful woman. She is a singer and actress that has really come into her own. She not only has her solo music career, her own clothing line and her own production company but she has also worked with numerous charitable causes. Going out with Bieber wasn’t enough to take her off as one of the hottest celebs on Instagram, and this 22 year old is definitely going places.

7. Beyonce


Beyonce has been be turning heads since she began her career as part of Destiny’s Child and just like wine, this beauty only seems to get better with age. Beyonce is one of the hottest celebs on Instagram because of her sexy body and classic beauty. She seems almost timeless and becoming a mother has certainly only added to her looks, so look and enjoy her very stunning Instagram photos.

8. Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara may be one of the oldest women on our hottest celebs on Instagram list, but she may be the youngest at heart. Her Instagram is full of photos that show her quirky and goofy personality that is only complimented by her beauty. You won’t see many half naked pictures flaunting her body but you’ll see plenty of selfies and photo bombs that will make you smile.

9. Zac Efron


Zac Efron came to fame after getting the lead in High School Musical, which launched him as the latest and greatest teen heartthrob. Yet, despite being one of the hottest celebs on Instagram, Zac has said that he was more awkward and shy in high school and not the cool guy he portrays. Today he continues to flourish and his body continues to make the hearts of girls and women ache.
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