Disa Valley in Tabuk .. Beauty at Its Finest
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Disa Valley in Tabuk .. Beauty at Its Finest

Thursday 25 March 2021 | 08:00 AM Change Date
Disa is an archaeological village, as there are incomplete Nabataean cemeteries facades carved with rocks, remnants of residential building walls. There are many Nabataean and Arabic writings written in Kufic script and other archaeological sites for remnants of residential settlements such as Al-Mushrif, Al-Sukhnah, and Al-Maktoum.

Disa is distinguished by its charming nature, characterized by the abundance of streams of water and tall palms. The Disa Valley is among the destinations that should not be missed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where you will feel that you are in the arms of nature.

Wadi Al Disa is one of the most important tourist and historical sites in Tabuk.

Wadi Disa, located at the intersection of three valleys in the south of Tabuk region. It's known for its sandstone columns, and despite its desert nature, it abounds with oases, ponds, tall grasses, and palm trees scattered among the canyons.

Its mountains and the rocky edges Wadi Disa has provides stunning and beautiful natural scenes that look like paintings.

Tourists can visit these places via four-wheel drive cars, and stop to enjoy a walk in the embrace of charming nature.

And when the nature of Disa is mixed there with ideal weather conditions, the heart of the valley looks like a fantasy, as if it's on another planet.
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Departure location:
 Disa Valley in Tabuk .. Beauty at Its Finest
 Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
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Disa Valley in Tabuk .. Beauty at Its Finest
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800.00 SAR
-Inclusions Certified Guide, TTP Organizing & Supervision, First Aid kit, Transportation, refreshments ,accommodation
Exclusions VAT, Airline tickets and Include Medical insurance
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Children under 3 years free of charge
Children under 3 years free of charge
People with special needs free of charge
People with special needs free of charge
Transportation Service is available
Transportation Service is available
Day 1

08:00 AM Gathering at the hotel, breakfast, explaining the itinerary, start the trip.

09:00 AM Visit Tabuk Citadel and Hijaz Railway Station

12:00 PM lunch, visit Alaqan and camp

Day 2

08:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Visit Maghair Shuaib and arrive at Disa.

Watch the red mountains of Karagar and enjoy their majestic views beautifully made with their color, which tends to be red, especially in the afternoon.

Wander the town's roads and see the citrus trees that stand on both sides of the road, palm trees and reeds, and explore a forest made of Dom trees


Visit the Disa farms for mango, citrus, basil, and mint.

Visit the sandstone mountains, visit the blue eye below the red mountains, and enjoy the views of oases and trees below the red mountains.

Camping and barbecue, dinner
End of the trip
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End Date: 31/03/2021
Multiple Destinations: No
Difficulty Level: Easy
Max # of travelers: 50
Min # of travelers: 20
Package Category/ Tier: Mid-range
Package Duration: 2 days
DMC contact details: Contact person, Mobile number, Email: Sharifa Alawaji
[email protected]
Licensed DMC: Yes
Accommodation: Yes
Accommodation Rating: Camps RV Caravans
Recreational & Cultural Activities: Yes
Description: فنادق ( اربعه او ثلاثة نجوم)
Restaurants/Meals: Yes
Description: فنادق ( اربعه او ثلاثة نجوم)
Transportation: Yes
Description: فنادق ( اربعه او ثلاثة نجوم)
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Trip may get cancelled in case of government lockdown or restrictions due to coronavirus situation.

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