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Samira Said
04 Aug 2017

Samira Said (Arabic: سميرة سعيد‎‎, Samira Bensaïd) (born 10 January 1958), is a Moroccan-Egyptian Arabic pop singer who is widely known in the Arab World.

Samira Said was born in Rabat, Morocco. She began singing at the age of nine, and was discovered on the music program, Mawaheb, broadcast on Royal Moroccan TV, she then moved to Egypt where her fame around the Arab world begun. She has dual nationality of Morocco and Egypt; her resident home since 40 years as she moved to Cairo back on the year 1977.

She has all her albums in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic but She also recorded some songs in the Moroccan dialect of Arabic, such as: "Kifash Tlakina" ("How we Met"), "Fayetli sheftek shi marra" ("I've seen you once"), "Sarkouh" ("They Stole Him"), and "Al Behhara" ("Mariners"). Her singles included "Maghlouba" ("Beaten") and "Wa'ady" ("My Love"). In 1980 she represented both Egypt and her native Morocco in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 singing a hit song within Egypt at that time called Bitaqat Hub, placing 18th out of the 19 contestants.

Said has recorded many Egyptian hits that were ranked highly in Egypt such as: "Ben Leef" ("The Circle of Life"), "Sayidati Sadati" (Ladies and Gentlemen"), "Malich Enwan" ("Ready When You Are") and "Akher Hawa" ("Last Love"). She worked with the Egyptian composer Mohamed El Mougi, sang and acted in the film Saaktob Ismak Ala Arrimal ("I Will Write Your Name in the Sand"), which included her singing "Yadamiiti Haddi" ("Tears, Fall from My Eyes"). Other recordings include "Lilet El Ouns" ("Magnificent Get-Together"), "Ech Gab Li Gab" ("A Cut about the Rest"), "Amrak Aagib" ("I Don't Get You"), and "Menghir Sabab" ("For No Reason").

In 2000, she also released the Egyptian hit song "Lilah Habeebee", ("One Night, My Love"), the album title track, which went on to win for best video in the Arab world in 2001 at the Cairo Arabic Music Festival.[citation needed] At the 15th annual World Music Awards in 2003, Said won a World Music Award based on worldwide sales figures for that year. Said won the BBC award for world music for the best artist in the Middle East with her album Youm Wara Youm. Said has won more than 40 awards.

Mazal was released in October 2013.

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