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25 Nov 2013 00:00

What went down at SoundClash on Saturday


As you all probably heard, Red Bull's Sound Clash last Saturday was EPIC, to say the least! But hey, come hear it from an insider!

Those of you who were there probably know what went down, but for those of you who didn't make it, here's a big fat tease!

Well first of all, let's begin by saying how heartwarming it is to see so many Lebanese joined to support two very talented local bands; the headcount was close to 3,000 !! Can you believe it?? 

You know the feeling of entering the venue of a concert and seeing the stage, the drums, the screen and everything all ready for the band? Well imagine that same feeling TWICE in one venue!
You see, there were two different sets on each side of the venue, one for Mashrou' Leila and one for Who Killed Bruce Lee, and we were in the middle. The hilarious Nemr Abou Nassar was hosting the show, he had his own podium in the middle and in his words, he felt like he was "In the middle of a love triangle". 

The event started with The Warm Up. This was for the crowd to familiarize with the bands (Not that we needed to but hey! We were there for music so who cares?)
Every band played 3 original songs. We wanted more but well... the show had to go on! 

The clash consisted of 4 rounds: 

Round One: The cover.
In this round, non other than Jade had to choose a song and the bands had to cover it in their own style!
You'll never guess which song he chose... Toxic by Britney Spears!! 
Who Killed Bruce Lee surprised us with a sick rock version that made us actually like their cover more than Britney's song! Okay let's be honest... No surprise there haha!
As for Mashrou' Leila, they covered it in Arabic! Yes, Toxic in Arabic! No words can describe how epic that one was. 

Round Two: The Takeover.
The bands finished the second half of a song started by the opposing band. Both performances turned heads, literally: The crowd in the middle kept turning right and left when the songs were being taken from one side of the venue to the other. I wonder how we looked like from a bird's eye... 

Round Three: The clash.
Both bands performed their own songs in three different styles. Playing the best of reggae, electro, rock n’roll, the bands kept us singing along, dancing and losing it while they blasted out their loud, strong, crazy tunes.

Round Four: The Wild Card.
In this round, each band had to introduce a new instrument or factor, if you may... They were the surprise of the show: The Franco-Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra for Mashrou' Leila and the Lebanese Maestro Harout Fazlian for Who Killed Bruce Lee.

You're probably wondering who won the clash and how the score was taken.
Actually a microphone was hanging from the ceiling. Its purpose was to measure our screams, how much noise we make, how much we cheer for each band.
We maxed it out for both bands who tied and performed a final song together on the same stage :D 

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