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04 Jun 2015 12:00

Look who's going to perform at Beirut Holidays Festival! #HaydaAdel


Adel Karam, is a household name in Lebanon, and in the arab world, a television and cinema star that has played a variety of roles in both comedy and drama.

He will perform as a stand up comedian in Beirut Holidays Festival on July 20 at Biel.

After the success of his program Hayda Hake he will be for the 1st time live on stage for his show Hayda Adel.

Tickets prices:

45,000 - 60,000 - 80,000 - 100,000 - 120,000 - 150,000 LBP

Adel Karam's Biography:

Adel Karam was born in Beirut in 1972 and has been working as a professional actor since 1993.

He is a household name in Lebanon, his home country and in the Arab world, a television and cinema star that has played a variety of roles in both comedy and drama with positive public and critical acclaim.

A versatile actor, Adel has demonstrated exceptional skill and talent which have awed audiences for years.

His leading roles in television and cinema are a living testament to his popularity and extraordinary talent. He has also starred in several ads and is involved in a weekly theater show that has been running for years.

A vibrant Leo, Adel spends his leisure time swimming, watching movies and is a passionate biker. Filmography: - Karam has starred in several ads such as Marouch London, Bank Med and El Balad. - Karam’s films include SL Film, Falafel, Abu Riad The Movie, Caramel, Et Maintenant On Va Ou and Rue Huevelin. - Karam also featured in various television series, including Inta el Hakam, Abou Riad, Ahla Alam, La Youmal and Ma Fi Metlo which is still running, amongst others. Theatre: - The Ma Fi Metlo show, featuring social and political sketches, marked great success.- Was soon turned into a prosperous sketched performance.- Karam’s theatrical performances also include Chi Byeshbah el Wadaa and La Youmal show (five parts). Career Breakthrough: - Adel Karam is the host of Hayda Haki, a comedy-oriented talk and variety show. - The show includes topical monologues in which Adel Karam hosts guests and makes fun of news, politics and celebrities. - The show particularly gained him great popularity among the Lebanese and Arab audience. Regional and International Success: - In 2013, Roads for Life (RFL), a post-accident care non-profit organization named Adel Karam as its new ambassador in Lebanon and abroad. - Was nominated “Best Actor”(Comedian) in 2012 by XX
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