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26 Feb 2015 20:00

Little Me and Little You present OUI-OUI Et Le Grand Carnaval! Tickets now on sale at all virgin branches!


OUI-OUI is a little wooden boy who lives in his own little House-for-One in Toyland. The first book explains OUI-OUI's origins. He was made by a woodcarver in a toy store but ran away after the man began to make a wooden lion, which scared OUI-OUI. As he wanders through the woods, with no clothes, money or home, he meets Big Ears, a friendly brownie. Big Ears decides that OUI-OUI is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland. He generously provides OUI-OUI with a set of clothing and a house. While OUI-OUI is quite happy to be a toy, the citizens of Toyland are not sure that he actually is one. They put OUI-OUI on trial and examine whether he is a toy or an ornament. Eventually, OUI-OUI is declared a toy, but still has to convince the court that he is a good toy. The judge accepts that OUI-OUI is good after a doll tells the court that he saved her little girl from a lion, and he is allowed to stay in Toyland. OUI-OUI gets his car in the second book. It is given to him after he helps solve a local mystery.

OUI-OUI is a self-employed taxi driver. OUI-OUI loves driving his friends around Toytown in his little red and yellow taxi. The other toys can hear him coming by the distinctive "Parp, Parp" sound of his taxi's horn and the jingle of the bell on his blue hat. Often he uses his car to visit all of the places in Toytown. When his taxi business is not doing so well, or when he needs help, OUI-OUI turns to Big Ears. Big Ears will often lend him what he needs. On occasion, OUI-OUI will allow people to make his head nod, in exchange for small items, like his morning milk.

OUI-OUI's constant companion and household pet is the exuberant "Bumpy Dog". Bumpy accompanies OUI-OUI on almost all his adventures.

OUI-OUI is kind and honest, but he often gets in trouble, either through his own misunderstandings, or because someone (usually the naughty goblins Sly and Gobbo) has played a trick on him. He is very childlike in his understanding of the world and often becomes confused as a result. For example, in the first OUI-OUI book, OUI-OUI and Big Ears are building OUI-OUI's house for one. OUI-OUI suggests that they build the roof first, in case it rains. With no understanding of gravity or of the need for roof supports, this is perfectly logical to him. As the series continues, OUI-OUI becomes wiser but without losing his charm and lovable naivety.

OUI-OUI's best friends are Big Ears, Tessie Bear, Bumpy Dog and the Tubby Bears. Tessie is a gentle hearted, gold bear who often wears a bonnet with flowers and a skirt. She is very kind and very loving towards all of her friends and neighbours. Bumpy Dog is Tessie's pet. He loves to run up and "bump" people over.OUI-OUI frequently gets annoyed with Bumpy but still likes him. Whenever OUI-OUI threatens Bumpy, Tessie gets upset, and sometimes even begins to cry. The Tubby Bears live next door to OUI-OUI. They are gold and chubby teddy bears. Mr. and Mrs. Tubby Bear frequently help OUI-OUI. It is clear that Mr. and Mrs. Tubby Bear are the superiors of OUI-OUI as if he were a child. Their first names are never mentioned and OUI-OUI always refers to them as Mr. and Mrs. They have one son, also named Tubby, who is occasionally referred to as Master Tubby. Tubby is naughty and is usually in trouble for breaking rules, being rude, or doing something wrong. OUI-OUI often attempts to scold or punish Tubby, with little result. On one occasion, Tubby gets tired of always being bossed around and being punished and decides to run away to sea. OUI-OUI and Bumpy accidentally join with him. By the end of the journey, Tubby misses his parents and brings them back presents from his trip, as an apology.

OUI-OUI has many run-ins with PC Plod, the local policeman. Some are caused by OUI-OUI's lack of understanding of how Toyland works. Other times it is because of a case of mistaken identity. Mr. Plod is generally long-suffering towards OUI-OUI and OUI-OUI likes Mr. Plod and frequently goes out of his way to help him. Mr. Plod often catches the mischief makers on his police bicycle, by blowing his whistle and shouting "Halt, in the name of Plod!!" before locking the culprits up in his jail.

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