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17 May 2014 00:00
ticketing boxoffice Funny: Your Experience With Every Lebanese Service Cab!
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Every Lebanese who took Service Cab inside Beirut will tell you, “disgustingly” , that is was one of the worst times of their life(except when a sexy girl/boy sits beside you - LOL!).

Well, Lebanese Service have their own breed of interesting characteristics:

One has to specify one's destination and enter the taxi only if one's destination corresponds to the itinerary of the Service-taxi. The driver stops to pick up additional passengers anywhere on the streets and drop them off generally in main squares and main streets.

1- Glad there's no one else in the CAB:

2- Oh, Hello Mr. Driver...

3- OH OH! If I Keep Looking at his Mustache He’d Kill me

4- Should I throw in a friendly medium-sized smile?

5- No No No Wait! I'm not in the mood for his boring conversations

6- Smile, Nod, I'mSmiling... And Nodding!

7- How about a quick hand gesture?

8- OMG! What did i just do??

9- Super Great.. Now I'm Stuck

10- Maybe I should move to the left side...

11- Please Talk About Something i care about!! Weather maybe...

12- I'll close the window... Oh Wait Already Closed...

13- Heyy, the wind is ruining my hair...

14- Yuhuu! Still Four Minutes to Arrive! 

15- He's Mute Or Something? He Didn't Say A Word!

16- But wait he was humming Fairouz lyrics when I first got in

17- **Just a friendly reminder that my hair is ruined**

18- This is the worst day everr!

19- What's Happening? The car just stopped :) 

20- Oh hello there fellow passenger!

21- YA ALLAH!! How about you walk faster... Because I'm late Dude!

22- No you’re so not sitting next to me, Right?

23- RIGHT?

24- HAHA! Noooo 

25- Wait! We are wearing matching converse sneakers.

26- Stop Starring at his feet***

27- I'm Not Gonna Smile Now

28- Did He Just Say Hi!?

29- Oh Am Awesome! *Flips Hair*

30- Ok! Stop, I'll Just Pretend to be texting... Yeah I'm Too BUSY!

31- HEYY! Why we are taking this road? I've never been here before! Is that a shortcut? Don't Kidnap me please?!

32- I Want My Mommyyyyy!! 

33- Oh! I know that tree.. Hello There! Tree...

34- Should I pay now?

35- Ya3tik El 3afye 3ammo!

36- Now I should make my way out in style

37- Legs First, No Head First, No Legs, No Head.

38- Hey, Why You're Starring At Me?

39- I'm Fine, I'm Fine Thank You!

40- Legs First Next Time 

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