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08 May 2014 00:00
ticketing boxoffice What your favorite Beirut neighborhood says about you
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You know the saying, "you are what you eat"? Well how about, "you are where you like to hang out"? No judgment. But if you prefer, say, hanging out at a makeshift cafe in Raouche while sipping on a nescafe and overlooking the sea, chances are you're a lot different from the guy or gal who likes to spend $12 on an espresso from some posh coffee spot in downtown Beirut. Here's what your favorite neighborhood says about you.


(Photo via Mich Cafe Blog)

You’re bustling with energy, positivity and a surging passion for knowledge and adventure. You don’t believe in comfort zones, and have an experimental nature that lusts for life. Diversity is one of your main features, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to find you oil painting in the morning, attending a lecture on Art & Space in the afternoon, and pub-hopping all night long. Your main goals in life have nothing to do with money, but rather, exploring yourself and the world. You have a lot of friends, and they love your chill character, but they don’t always understand your way of life. The awesome thing about you is that you don’t really care.

Mar Mikhael

(Photo via Sans Gluten beyrouth Blog)

If people had to describe you in one word, it would most probably be "unconventional" or "mysterious." You still haven’t formed your identity – a bohemian soul torn between the past and the present, just like the run-down streets you fancy walking through. Art runs in your veins and vivid colors have the tendency to make you smile. Although you love having alone time, one of your favorite activities is enjoying a good drink with some friends.


(Photo via Coral beach Suite Website)

You’re classy and sophisticated with a refined taste in wine, fashion and fine dining. One might say you carry yourself with an air of superiority, but you’re just someone who has mastered the art of confidence. You don’t open up too easily to people, but that’s because you’ve been through a lot and aren’t capable of trusting just anyone. That’s probably why although you have many friends, you prioritize work over them. To you, success comes first.


(Photo via Lebanese Malls Website)

You’ve had an identity crisis for as long as you can remember – you’re not sure what it is you like and what it is you don’t like. That’s probably why you’re too impatient to finish what you start, and end up doing too many things without quite mastering one. You’re also quick tempered and loud, but you make up for it with quirky humor and a sassy air. There’s an undeniable sexiness to your confused state of being.


(Photo via One Mile Grads Blog)

You’re the jokester of every group – loud, comical and full of puns. You don’t think twice before talking and although that gets you into trouble most of the time, you couldn’t care less. You’re the type of person who can cheer anyone up, and that’s why everyone loves you. Food is in your nature and the grimier the meal, the better.

You love being comfortable and believe that in life, simplicity is the way to go.


(Photo via Wikimedia)

You’re not exactly shy, but you’re more of a listener than a talker. You notice the subtle details of life and a conversation with the butler down the street makes your day. Jazz would have to be your favorite genre and your preferred day of the week is Sunday, when you can cozy up in bed with your dog and watch a rerun of Sherlock Holmes.

Source : http://www.beirut.com/l/32898
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