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01 Feb 2016 18:00
ticketing boxoffice Charlie Puth Reveals He’d ‘Love’ to Kiss Selena and Sheds Some Light on Her Breakup with Justin Bieber
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Charlie Puth would “love” to share a kiss with Selena Gomez but insists they’re just friends.

The ‘Marvin Gaye’ hitmaker – who found fame after being signed by Ellen DeGeneres in 2011 – is keen to lock lips with his collaborator, rather than with his mentor or best friend Meghan Trainor, who he previously smooched on stage at last year’s American Music Awards (AMAs).

Asked who he’d choose in a game of snog, marry, avoid, he said: “Ellen wouldn’t wanna kiss me and I’ve already, for the performance, kissed Meghan. I’d love to snog Selena, which wouldn’t be too hard. I would love to, but I don’t wanna avoid Meghan. I mean, could I avoid her for 20 minutes because she’s a really good girl? Then, I guess, marry Ellen? That’s really weird. I don’t think Ellen wants to marry me. She’s already taken, but snogging Selena… there we go. Sorry Selena, if you’re reading this.”

However, the 24-year-old singer insists he and the brunette beauty are just friends.

Asked if he wants to be more than just friends with Selena, he said: “Oh no, she’s my friend. I consider her my musical collaborator. The best thing about Selena is that, when she’s being nice, it’s not an act at all. She’s really being genuine, that’s why I like her so much.”

Selena was previously in a long-term, on/off relationship with Justin Bieber and Charlie has appeared to take a swipe at the ‘Sorry’ hit maker for “mistreating” her.

Charlie and Selena just came out with an amazing new duet called “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” which talks about the hard times you go through in a break up and how much things change.

Charlie also revealed in a recent interview that the song is particularly personal for Selena because of her very public split from Justin Bieber.

“As for lyrical sentiment, I think it fits so well for her to be on [the song] because everyone knows what she went through,” he said.

“And I think everyone’s had those relationships where you’re obsessed with that one person, but then you break it up peacefully, but it’s changed. You can’t talk to them like friends anymore. You can say you want to remember friends, but it’s easier said than done. It’s heart-breaking. ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ is basically the conversation a month after that type of breakup.”

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