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17 Feb 2014 00:00

frustration of a nation by beirutification.com


"i haven’t expressed in a while, yet i still exist.

while most lebanese in The Lebanon are still reacting to the jacky chamoun craze of the last two days, and many simply stopped discussing the ski season this winter, their fellow countrymen in dubai enjoyed Gad El Maleh’s show last night. a full house, and from the posts i’ve seen around online, the majority of the audience was lebanese. (to the ones who don’t know, Gad El Maleh’s show was cancelled two years ago in beirut due to some reports rising from his past stating he would have gladly served in the Israeli Defence Army being jewish himself – which he didn’t – not to mention that he was due for two nights, yet before getting cancelled had added a third night due to the high demand of the beiruti audience).

this is in no means another forum for nagging. i will simply point out what adds to the frustration of a nation.

i simply wish there were louder voices against the Lords of The Lebanon when electricity still isn’t provided 24hr/day, roads are not maintained, women are not protected from domestic disputes (or vice versa) and judges aren’t corrupt protecting husbands/wives with big balls; i wish there were louder voices to have corruption and bribery deleted from our everyday lives especially in government departments, members of parliament not renewing their term on their own and for them and fellow ministers to get accounted for fund management and their personal wealths. among MANY other things.

alas, the loud voices came out in support of jacky (to which beirutification already expressed support) and her freedom of expression, speech, and whatever she wants to do with her body. they even got louder when the minister of youth and sports requested an investigation. quite alarming when many men in the city where this minister is from roam the streets strapping AK-47′s to their shoulders and juggling hand grenades in front of army checkpoints. we heard voices, or more so read phrases of disdain on social networks after Manal al-Assi was beaten to death by her husband about a week ago. yet no woman hit the streets, or man.

culturally, Gad El Maleh’s show gets cancelled because the “line of defence against zionism” starts from the empty seats in a theatre in beirut, while other arab countries fill their theatres with lebanese expats and other educated foreigners. Ziad Doueiri’s (lebanon’s own, french national director) last movie, “the attack”, gets banned and shunned because it was filmed in Israel/Palestinian territories with a multi-cultural, multi-national cast ranging from tunisia to france and lebanon, israel and palestine among others. the guy nearly got accused of collaboration.

the simple message should read: lebanon, get your priorities straight. other fellow arabs have moved on. it’s time you do so too. maybe jacky chamoun’s move was bold to the older generation, but if we research 1960′s and 70′s lebanese and egyptian movies, we would find bolder boobs and sex scenes! and maybe we’re still far from a street demonstration that would express its frustration against women beating, a show canceled because of someone’s religious belief or a film banned because of its subject.

but what i am sure of, is that we are still far from getting our priorities right.

Express to Exist"

Source: http://beirutification.com/2014/02/14/frustration-of-a-nation/
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