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13 Jan 2014 00:00

Meet Lebanese Rima Najdi, AKA Madame Bomba


Rima is a true artist who didn't plan to roam the streets of her city covered with TNT bombs, but she did it, she asked help from her close friends, her fellow artists, she designed a mock-TNT bomb, dressed in black and started roaming the streets of Hamra, Ayen Mrayseh, Downtown and around Beirut, hoping to make sense of the world we live in : A society where it became very natural and normal to see bombs going off in its corners and people dying as a result of it.

Rima Najdi loves Beirut, she walks down the streets of Downtown, Hamra, Gemmayzeh every minute of the day just like any other Lebanese, she could have been a victim, we all could have been killed in those explosions. 2014 has begun with an explosion in Sothern-suburbs " Dahye", where it was revealed later that a suicide bomber commited this horrific crime, but when will this all come to an end ?

Rima Najdi a Lebanese performance artist currently living in Berlin after studying and holding Performance Arts shows described as "confessions" in New York Last November, she decided like any ordinary lebanese to visit Beirut during the holidays. Now that may seem perfectly natural as Najdi thought of spending her new year's eve partying the night away with her close friends, or having a quick bite at T marbouta in Hamra street, but Beirut is not that predictable, something has to happen between that new year's eve party and the T marbouta dinner.

Sadly and few days before New Year' eve, Mohamad Shatah a Lebanese economist and a diplomat died in an explosion that shook the Downtown area to its core, leaving 4 killed and 15 wounded. It was one of those explosions that left the Lebanese wondering, asking themselves questions; who did this and why ?

The story doesn't end here, in fact those mysterious bombers have decided that we didn't have enough, so another bomb took off in the heart of Southern Suburbs just one day after New Years eve has passed. 4 people died and several wounded and those people who were killed, were not politicians nor political leaders, they were 16, 17 and 15 year old teens, who just finished their holiday and were getting ready to go back to school.

Rima is revolting against this situation that we have put ourselves into. She is protesting against the normalization of suicide bombing in Beirut and She knows that some people may take a glimpse at her and smile, or think this is a joke, but it is not. This is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death.

Keep revolting Rima.

Source: http://preludeinternational.us/
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