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29 Dec 2014 14:45

Tonight! something will be a bit different with Reem et le Pere Noel Perdu!


It is Christmas time, and like every year, Santa Clause visits, a few hours before he starts his magical journey, his closest friends Reem, Tea and Teo, and Grandpa.

They sit by the fireplace in their friend’s mountain cabinet and they exchange stories and plan together the wonderful journey.

Santa cannot resist the hot cacao made by Reem and her friends and the tasty fruits and wonderful cakes that they prepare each year for the beloved Santa.

But… This year, something will be a bit different. …

Down below where it’s all dark and scary, an evil witch called ISIDORA awaits every year to destroy the spirit of Christmas.

ISIDORA tried for years everything in her power to achieve her goal through evil plans (like making kids all over the world act naughty, study less, irritate their parents, block the chimney entrances so Santa cannot make it through and visit the families etc…).

But this year, the evil witch ISIDORA has a different plan to stop Santa forever and destroy Christmas.

Now that ISIDORA has transformed Santa Clause into a stone statue in order to stop Christmas forever, the only solution for Reem and her friends is to travel back to the North Pole and put the statue under the big north star.

This is where Reem needs the help of all the children of the world (the audience) in order to say the magic word all together at once so that Santa may turn from Stone to flesh again and save Christmas.

Meanwhile, the play will witness:

More than 12 different characters.
16 Christmas songs made for the play.
14 dance shows.
8 different Christmas costumes.

 For the first time in Lebanon, more than 40 persons will be on a kids play on stage, including more than 20 kids wearing Christmas costumes.

Santa will have a special appearance on his magical sleigh.

Play Details

Date: 27-28-29 December 2014

Location: Palais des Congrès Dbayeh

Tickets are sold at Virgin Ticketing Box Office Lebanon for 20, 30 and 40 USD

For your information call us on 01 99 00 99

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