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01 Aug 2015 11:26
ticketing boxoffice Chris Brown & Royalty: Nia Guzman’s Excuse For Keeping Them From FaceTiming
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Poor Chris Brown. The singer is going through Royalty withdrawals and sadly for him, Nia Guzman is keeping Chris from seeing his daughter. Royalty’s mom has come up with constant excuses to keep them from FaceTiming and Chris is tired of the lies.

Chris Brown can’t physically see his daughter now that he’s back on tour. He has to rely on technology to see Royalty‘s, 1, adorable face. However, HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY learned the one person stopping him from contacting his baby girl is her mother, Nia Guzman, 31.

This is so sad! Ever since Chris started performing and touring again, he hasn’t been able to his daughter as much as he wants to. A source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife.com that Chris has only been able to FaceTime with Royalty twice since he’s been on tour and he’s blaming Nia for keeping him away from Royalty. “The last four times he’s tried to FaceTime Royalty, Nia had excuses,” the source said. “The first time she said Royalty was sleep. Chris was like, ‘Okay cool, I’ll call back in a couple of hours.’ When he did that, Nia said she left and Royalty was with the nanny.” That wasn’t the only excuse his baby mama gave him.

When Chris called back a third time, he heard Royalty in the background but Nia refused to let her FaceTime because, “the screen on her phone was cracked and she didn’t want Royalty to accidentally cut herself.” The fourth time Chris called, Nia was in the middle of a family dinner. Is it just a case of bad timing for Chris and his daughter? Apparently the singer doesn’t think so.

The source continued to reveal how upset Chris is over his baby mama’s excuses. “He feels Nia’s being vindictive and taking advantage of the fact he’s on tour and preventing him from speaking with his daughter,” the source said. This wouldn’t be the first time Nia tried to prevent Chris from seeing his daughter. After his home in Los Angeles, Calif. was broken into on July 15, the 31-year-old had strict rules before she would allow Royalty to spend time with Chris in California

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