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01 Oct 2016 18:00
ticketing boxoffice Angelina Jolie asks for jewelry in divorce filing from Brad Pitt
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Looks like there could be a fight over bling.

Angelina Jolie asked for 'miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects' in the divorce documents filed on September 19 in Los Angeles when she split from Brad Pitt.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has claimed that could mean a fortune in baubles the 52-year-old Fury star gave his wife during their 12 year romance, including that $250,000 diamond engagement ring by Robert Procop. 

Pitt worked with Procop for more than a year to create the graduated white-diamond engagement ring for Jolie.

It features 16 carats of gems in the elongated tablet cut, a shape suited to Jolie's long fingers, Procop said at the time.

But there are plenty more gems in her jewelry box.

At the Academy Awards in 2009, the Salt star kicked off a trend for green jewelry when she wore large emerald drop earrings by Lorraine Schwartz, the jeweler that made Kim Kardashian's engagement ring from Kanye West.

The $2.5m earrings were made with Colombian emeralds and weighed a total of 115 carats.

A large ring on her index finger matched. It was a 65-carat emerald ring, also by Schwartz, worth over a $1 million.

It is not known if she kept the gems or returned them. 

Many of the rocks she has worn on the red carpet come from Beverly Hills jeweler Procop.

Jolie and Procop collaborated in 2010 on the Style Of Jolie jewelry collection.

The proceeds benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, founded by the actress in 2006.

Style of Jolie pieces started at $4,000 and went up to seven figures.

The items are stunning with large gemstones that have little accenting. 

When Jolie received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2014 she wore Procop diamond earrings totaling 42 carats set in 18-karat yellow gold.

Pitt had on Style Of Jolie star sapphire ring and a set of tuxedo buttons and cuff links in 18-karat yellow gold and tablet-cut white diamonds. 

Meaning they both love their rocks. 

Procop also created her diamond choker for her 2010 film The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

As far as some of the pieces the Tomb Raider star has worn for many years, those include the large pearl earrings she had on when she met Queen Elizabeth II in 2014.

She also had on a pearl necklace in London in 2013 that is from her personal collection. 

As far as their divorce, things seem to be moving along.

According to a Thursday article from People, they will be hashing out their split behind closed doors and will only go to court when they have made an agreement.

The 41-year-old actress filed for divorce on September 18 after two years of marriage to the 51-year-old actor and a total of 12 years together.

It was claimed that during their private negotiations they have been mainly discussing custody of their six children: Maddox, aged 15, Pax, aged 12, Zahara, aged 11, Shiloh, aged 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, aged eight.

Jolie is asking for physical custody of the kids with Pitt only getting visitation. 

Entertainment Tonight added they are having 'productive discussions.' 

A source added: 'The fact that things have quieted down is a good sign for everyone.'

Source: DailyMail
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