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11 Dec 2014 09:12
ticketing boxoffice Viral! Rihanna: Is She Pregnant?
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Is Rihanna pregnant
? According to reports, the singer is expecting her first child with Drake, and is said to be “happy” about the pregnancy. According to the International Business Times, there isn’t too much evidence to go on, aside from a report by MediaTakeOut which claims that not one, but two sources have confirmed the news, adding that Rihanna is going to release a song to make the announcement.

“The report notes that Rihanna is ‘extremely happy about having a baby.’ It is said that she found out that she is pregnant only a ‘few days ago.’ As disclosed by one of their unnamed sources, the song talks about the ‘baby growing inside me.’ Furthermore, during her rumoured pregnancy, Rihanna is taking some precautions. She has reportedly ‘banned all weed smoking inside the studio’ while she is working on her music,” reports the International Business Times.

If Rihanna is pregnant, she won’t be able to hide it for very long. While some people aren’t putting too much stock in the rumors, others have already put her on “bump watch.”

As for Drake being the rumored child’s father, well, that’s just another rumor. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, RiRi’s maybe-baby could have been fathered by someone else, because no one really knows who she has been dating… since most people believed that she was single — and maybe she is. Things happen. Chris Brown’s name has even been thrown into the maybe-baby daddy mix, though many feel as though he’d be the least likely father.

“The popular theory on social media is that it may be rapper Drake, Rihanna was romantically linked to him earlier this year. The singer was also spotted out on dates with Cliff Dixon this summer, they alleged met through mutual friend and rapper Big Sean,” reports Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Rihanna hasn’t been hit with pregnancy rumors hardly at all, which could by why people seem to be falling for them this time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, RiRi has been focused on her new album,R8, which she has been recording in SoHo (New York). She has been very quiet in general, not giving too much away about her music — or her life. She seems to have scaled back a bit, to really stay committed to her career, but that could also be because she’s expecting… that is, if you believe any of the rumors.

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